This program includes a physiotherapeutic procedure - cryolifting, allowing peptide bioregulators to enter into deep layers of the skin without injections. Double effect - a controled cold and the action of low-molecular peptides, allow to quickly restore skin structure, starting from the deepest layers.

Under the influence of cold a reflex narrowing and then widening of vessels takes place. This allows to strengthen blood inflow to the skin, sating it with oxygen. Peptide bioregulators stimulate metabolic processes in derma, activate lipolysis, synthesis of collagen, elastin and young dermal cells. This technique is absolutely safe and doesn't leave pigmentation on the skin.

The program includes:

  • Consultation with a therapist,
  • 5 cryolifting procedures and a course of tableted peptide bioregulators, restoring work of the immune, antioxidative and vascular systems.

This program promotes the increase of resistance of an organism to the negative external factors. The tone of vessels improves, an activation of the immune and the antioxidative system takes place. The skin becomes smooth, matt and elastic. A strong lifting effect can be seen.