This program is recommended to reduce visual fatigue, during intense visual load and long work with a computer. It is also highly effective in preventing of the age-related and genetically predetermined diseases of the retina.

The program includes:

  • Consultation with an ophthalmologist,
  • 5 procedures of electrophoresis and a course of tableted peptide bioregulators, restoring metabolism in the eye structure.

Peptide bioregulators

stop the dystrophic processes in the retina, restoring sight. Apart from the retinal peptide, which affects the rods and cones, we use peptide of the vessels to improve eye nourishment and the peptide of the brain which restores the patency of nervous impulses through the optic nerves. In addition a peptide bioregulator stimulating functioning the immune system is added. Such complex approach allows not only to stop the progression of retinal diseases, but also to enhance visual functions.


  • Consultation with an ophthalmologist
  • Perimetry (assessment of visual field boundaries)
  • Visiometry (assessment of visual acuity)
  • Bio microscopy (assessment of the eye optical media)
  • Ophthalmoscopy (eye fundus assessment)
  • Tonometry (non-contact eye pressure test)
  • Computed perimetry (visual field test)

A 40 minutes session will determine full eyesight assessment.