The unique complex of peptide bioregulators restores sensitivity of tissues to insulin, improves functioning of the pancreas, and as consequence, restores carbohydrate and lipid exchange.

The course of bioregulating therapy leads to a decrease in arterial pressure, sugar level indices, lipoproteins («bad» cholesterol indices) in blood, and body weight.


  • Consultation with a therapist;
  • 3 procedures of electrophoresis and a course of tableted peptide bioregulators, restoring function of the pancreas normalizing carbohydrate and lipid exchange


Metabolic malfunctions are a group of diseases causing infringements to carbohydrate and lipid exchange in a human body. They lead to obesity, arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis and the development of an ischemic heart disease. As a result of these diseases receptors of cells of peripheral tissues lose sensitivity to insulin. Thus the cells «starve», and the pancreas continues to synthesize more and more insulin. «Excess» insulin becomes the causes of arterial hypertension, «deterioration» of the cardiac muscle, and synthesis of lipids. Therefore it is difficult for people with such malfunction to lose weight without restoration of sensitivity of tissues to the insulin, produced by the organism.