In a human body the liver performs a function of a barrier. Throughout our entire life liver clears the blood from harmful substances. It also actively participates in the processes of digestion. Bad ecology, poor nutrition, stress, alcohol, infections and antibiotics – all lead to the decrease of liver functions. And this in turn leads to the occurrence of acute and chronic hepatic insufficiency. Peptide bioregulators are used to help the liver cope with external negative factors and to strengthen its protective functions.

The program includes:

  • Consultation with a therapist,
  • Ultrasonic scan of abdominal cavity and retroperitoneum,
  • Clinical analysis of the blood (thrombocytes, reticulocytes and leukocytic formula),
  • Expanded biochemical analysis (albumin, crude protein, alanine-aminotransferase, AST, total and direct bilirubin, glucose, lipidogram, factor of aterogeneity),
  • 5 electrophoresis procedures and a course of tableted peptide bioregulators, restoring exchange processes in the liver.