metaboEach time when we come to talk about health, we speak about metabolism – a factor which is crucial for our body.

However not everyone knows what it is and most importantly - what it does for us.

Metabolism is the process by means of which our organism transforms substances contained in food into energy or the building material for our organs.
br /Human body, as well as any living system, requires a balance. Any deviations lead to infringement of natural balance, and therefore to loss of health.

Proteins play one of the most important roles in maintaining metabolism in our bodies. Decrease of protein synthesis with age, leads to malfunctions of the exchange processes.

Occurrence of diseases depends on what organ shows the signs of a disrupted metabolic functions. So, if it occurs in the bone tissue – osteoporosis can take place, if in the pancreas - diabetes, in the liver – pancreatitis, etc where to get modafinil .
Application of peptide bioregulators stimulates restoration of the disbalance within organs and tissues.