A unique complex of peptide bioregulators has powerful immunomodulatory effects. Peptide bioregulators restore physiologically the immune system. A body is filled with “life energy”, which helps improving overall health, strengthening the body's defenses and increases work productivity.


  • consultation with a therapist,
  • 5 intramuscular injections and a tableted peptide bioregulators course, restoring the body immune system.

There is a huge “army” of immune cells and mechanisms on guard of our health which, normally, should reflect any infectious aggression from outside elements. Every minute, billions of various microbes invade the human body through micro-cracks of skin and mucous membranes, by air and/or food.

A healthy body with a strong immunity, manages to eradicate the infection quickly, and in most cases, it is not noticeable. However, when an attack from outside is too aggressive, or the body's defenses are not able to resist infection, the risk of various diseases increases.