A unique complex of peptide bioregulators has beneficial effects on the nervous system, providing a relaxing and anti-stress effect, rendering a restorative effect on the organism and increases the body's immune defenses. As for skin, there is a powerful lifting effect, improved texture, color and moisture of the skin.


  • consultation with a therapist
  • 3 body masks with a unique set of peptide bioregulators, providing a powerful rejuvenating effect on the entire body
  • 5 intramuscular injections of peptide bioregulators that improve the neuroendocrine, immune, antioxidant and central nervous systems.


The skin is one of the largest human organ. In adults, its surface area is 1.5-2 sq. meters. Application of medicament to the surface of the skin and, in particular, peptide bioregulators, leads to a massive intake of these substances in the body. However, the rate of supply of the peptides is significantly less than through injection. Body masks are an effective way to interdict mild (physiological) prolonged peptides entering the body. Furthermore, there is a local effect on the epithelium, regenerating the dermis, which enhances the protective properties of skin.