Unique peptide bioregulators, found to have immunomodulatory and modeling effects on the regeneration of tissues in chronic inflammatory diseases, are now being used to combat postoperative complications, venous disorders and inflammation of mucous membranes.


  • gynecological examination
  • complete blood count with platelet count, reticulocyte count and leukocyte formula count, ESR
  • urogenital scrapings (extended range PCR, PCR human papillomaviruses)
  • papanicolaou test, a smear of the flora, a smear on antibiotic sensitivity
  • 5-day peptide bioregulators course of injections, restoring the immune and antioxidative systems
  • topical treatment (gynecological bath) with a peptide bioregulators complex,including restorative tissue regeneration (5 procedures)
  • 10-day tableted peptide bioregulators course, restoring metabolic processes in the liver